Why proper lighting is important when studying!

There is nothing better than relaxing on a sunny day and reading your favorite book. But what if you are indoors and need the best desk lamp for studying, reading, or working in an office?  

Want to know how to find the best reading lamp or light that will protect your eyes in the long run?

Buying a lamp or light fixture may seem like an easy task, but you really need to understand that lamp and lighting discussions need their own vocabulary. Then it is worth noting that the eye always lowers its vigilance and cannot tell the difference between several products of this type, especially after you have seen more than five lamps or lights (because you have to compare!), it is more or less like with perfumes that after testing a few, the sense of smell collapses and they all look the same.

Even in the lighting world all the lights, reflexes and shades start to blend into one after you’ve tested a few of these.

Do not worry! If you haven’t heard of lumens, color temperature or kelvin limits yet, then there’s no need to feel overwhelmed!

At Theory with Eglo, we understand that finding the right lighting makes all the difference when you’re reading or studying for various purposes. The idea is always created that the equipment with soothing glasses or neurological or ophthalmological visits are the solution to our health problems, forgetting that in the first place the conditions for having a good reading are the right lighting. That’s why we’re here to give you the best lighting tips for reading, as well as recommendations for the best lamp or desk lamp for your desk.

You may have heard that natural light is the best for reading, and this information is often correct. Only, artificial lighting in the modern world has become widely available. We recall that before Alexander Lodygin invented the incandescent lamp in 1874, which took longer to become common, people read with the sun, candles, etc.

Now that lighting has evolved, we’ve come to realize that the light we read by has a direct impact on how we feel and how our eyes perform.

But what happens if we study or read in dim lighting?

One of our best reading lighting tips is simple: don’t read in dim light. Whether this is natural or a dimly lit lamp, you should absolutely try to avoid it.

This is for two main reasons:

Dim lighting can seriously damage your eyes causing Myopia.

Some studies have shown that reading in dim light can increase the chances of myopia in some people. For some others, this type of reading may not cause myopia but instead give them severe, persistent headaches. Also if you read in a dim light, you have a lower learning efficiency. This is because dim lighting can decrease the brain’s ability to process and retain information and can increase feelings of anxiety. Studies have also shown that the right lighting can increase your performance.

For these facts, it is recommended to read in a stronger light, always and in any environment.

Similarly, anyone who has had to do some work in the wrong lighting knows that even brighter lighting can stop you from focusing. Even when a light is so bright it reflects off the surface of the page into your eye, it is too attractive to the eye to seriously damage it.

We as Eglo offer you optimal results of any type of study lighting, for any type of environment, purpose and with a variety of quality products. All you have to do is browse our 2021 Collection and work out the optimal lighting settings and find the best lamp or desk lamp for study, work, reading, etc.


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