Caring Beyond Business: Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative by Teoren!

Teoren Shpk, today is undoubtedly one of the largest companies for providing products and services to both families and businesses. This is thanks to first quality products, innovations and hard work over the years. However, if there is one key element that has laid a strong foundation in this company, it is precisely Teoren’s orientation towards employees, different groups in need and social responsibility as a whole.

In a society where businesses have just begun to prioritize the responsibility they have towards the well-being of employees, Teoren has always been an integral part of the development of its activity.

As has been the case for years in this company, this year too, Teoren and the staff have joined the global breast cancer awareness campaign during the month of October.

Pink October: Why is this month so important?

Breast cancer is the most common worldwide, surpassing even lung cancer for the first time in 2020.

In less developed countries, breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women. The most important reason why this happens is precisely the lack of awareness to do routine checks and detect the disease in its early stages.

The importance of this campaign lies in its potential to save lives, to heal in time and to be closer to each other. Through proper education and awareness of the importance of routine checkups, many lives can be saved.

What do the numbers say and how has breast cancer progressed over the years?

Did you know that in 2020, approximately 2.3 million women worldwide were diagnosed with breast cancer? 685,000 of them lost their lives.

Since 2008, the incidence of breast cancer worldwide has increased by more than 20%. Mortality has increased by 14%.

Statistics show that the life expectancy of patients diagnosed with breast cancer is many times higher when the disease is detected in its early stages.

During her lifetime, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

At first glance, these numbers are just statistics, but in reality, each number is a mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter, a woman, a man! For this reason, during the month of October, Teoren focused entirely on the health of women and girls.

Here’s what ~pink~ October looked like in Teoren!

For years, Teoren has developed a work culture oriented towards the safety and health of its staff. The company has continuously demonstrated its commitment to this principle, through various initiatives aimed at promoting physical and mental health.

Throughout the month of October:

  • All the women who are part of the Teoren staff have undergone some of the most important health checks for the diagnosis of this disease.
  • The results of the checks were followed by further consultations to analyze the answers and the next steps, in those cases where this was necessary.

Teoren has partnered with renowned medical professionals and clinics to provide up-to-date information and safe and reliable results!

The initiative of Teoren Shpk is not only about the company and the staff within it, but about all of us. If this campaign encourages at least one woman to perform routine health checks, then the goal of Teoren and ours through this article has been achieved for this year as well and inspires us to continue with such initiatives.

“Pink October” is the focus of Teoren every year, as a peak period for breast cancer awareness. Our health is the most important, so we do well not to underestimate it and not to take it for granted, – it is one of their most important calls!

Sometimes small actions can have the biggest impact, so every word, every call to reflection and routine visit counts. The company’s message is clear: Health, self-care and well-being are not just words that sound nice in a corporation, but a way of life and a security for a better future.

Beyond being an organization, Teoren is first a community that recognizes the strength of support and the importance of each individual, where each employee is not just a number on the payroll but an important member of this big family where the health and safety of life are paramount before any business objective.

As we join hands in this global movement, let’s remember that awareness and action can save lives. Together, we stand united in the fight against breast cancer, determined to turn statistics into stories of survival, resilience and hope!

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