Lighting Professionals | The magic of cash spots for your kitchen!

The magic of cash spots for your kitchen!

Recessed spotlights are already a trend according to the suggestions of many specialists in the field of lighting for one of the most important areas of the house such as the kitchen.

One of the advantages of these lights is that they are easy to install, only an opening in the ceiling is enough so that they do not come out at all in the relief of the wall or ceiling, thus creating an aesthetic perfection.

In addition, these luminaires are suitable according to the need we may have referring to the lighting power, and specifically the larger the diameter of the luminaire, the greater its power.

Eglo offers several types of diameters: Ø86, Ø120, Ø170, Ø210 for the most optimal variety.

But their suitability does not stop there!

To give an additional innovation, Eglo has taken care to equip these lights with a case dedicated to other types of ceilings when a gypsum one is not available, and there are many models that best illustrate this innovation, such as Eglo 99238, Eglo 99243 , Eglo 99267 and Eglo 99265.

But what is the color of the light of this lamp that gives so much charm to the kitchen?

Again Eglo surprises by offering two forms: warm 3000 K and natural 4000 K, it is then simply left to dress in your preference, offering you the suitable environment for your art in the kitchen. And to add to the pleasure of our performance on the home stage, the lighting is super smooth.


The modern look is what is required and only provided by Eglo!

But not only that, while all types of lighting have structures with a thickness of 40mm, Eglo, to make it as elegant as possible, offers it with a “flat design” slim, with a thickness of 28mm. With a frame of 21mm, which is generally used by lamps of this type, Eglo has a frame of only 15mm. This makes it irresistible!

Another question that comes up frequently on lighting blogs is: what colors do we offer the cases of these lights?

It’s very simple, again to suit all your needs, we have chosen two main tones, white and black. Among these tones, all the colors we would like to add to our kitchen decor would dance for beauty!

And last but not least, these lights are equipped with very strong clamps, which gives them maximum durability and longevity.

Eglo in the kitchen with inkaso spots, it’s a fantasy!

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