WATER PROFESSIONALS: Water sources, where it comes from, how it is treated and the safety of the water filter!

Drinking water is life for everyone!

Drinking water sources make up a very large percentage for a country like ours. But do we know how much drinking water we consume at the country level?
It is very interesting to know that the average amount of drinking water per capita in Albania is 8,700 cubic meters per year, which otherwise translates into one of the highest in Europe.
Sources of drinking water in the country exist in the form of natural springs, rivers, lakes and groundwater aquifers. The supply of drinking water comes mainly from natural sources and underground water sources, except for the metropolitan area of ​​Tirana which receives a part of its supply from mountain water sources that have been diverted to create a surface water supply reservoir that must therefore be treated.

The drinking water supply system covers the whole country and the coverage level reaches 85%.
The security of drinking water supply is about the protection of water sources
and the chlorination of water in distribution systems. Albania has laws and regulations that deal with the protection of natural resources. Ecosoft also provides more security in the filtration of tap water with the best products on the market and with German quality that speaks for itself with the experience it gives you.
But really what water should be consumed to be 100% sure that we will be healthy?

What is certain is that safe and hygienically clean water should always be consumed for health. Safe and hygienically clean water is water that meets the sanitary standards approved by the relevant structures, but is this drinkable water with the taste we would like  ?

For any health concerns that may come from the consumption of water, we should go to the family doctor, and one of the standard questions asked in a routine visit is what water do we drink ?

The answer we give you is concrete!

Ecosoft filters, with the arsenal of services and products they offer,  comes to our aid by turning tap water into totally safe and healthy water for the Albanian family.

The drinking water subscription is the product we are most proud of.

With Ecosoft, the Water Odyssey we talked about above gets the right value by offering us everything we need for ourselves and the family.
The products and fields or industries in which we as Ecosoft are solutions are numerous… In the meantime, all you have to do is contact us and let us help you in a dedicated way and the best price in the market!

Tune in to other topics from water professionals!

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