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The Pleiades of Luminaries – The muse of inspiration for the models of the Eglo 2022 catalog!

The challenge of a team of lighting professionals to shine more and more is something as motivating as it is difficult. It is this great challenge that makes the design of these “torches” a mission in itself to warm the soul and eyes of thousands of people around the globe and at the same time a solution for all those professionals who need variety in their artistic and practical creativity . Eglo shares with us the logic of where Eglo is based for the 2022 catalog!

The 3 most representative types of this catalog are mainly affected in this fantastic journey:

  • “Eglo Tred Highligts” – Which illustrates most types of luminaries
  • Stars of Light” – Representing the brightest and most beautiful models ever
  • “Vintage” – Which brings us the retrospective with eyes on the future

But let’s start without wasting time with the first one…

Eglo Tred Highligts

EGLO’s design team has once again been influenced by current mega-trends as a source of inspiration for the 2021/22 season. Innovations are the use of shapes and colors for new products, the choice of quality and special materials, as well as the general aesthetics, a fact that perfectly harmonizes these trends, the contemporary ones and the rare trends of living in the future.

What is seen as special this time? Minimalism!

Yes, minimalism and the increasingly popular use of materials and colors such as bronze and earth tones, which have had a particularly pronounced impact on this season’s lighting designs.

MINIMALISM?! – The art of “catching the eye” with little, a conscious reduction of shapes and colors, is reflected in the tones of all these luminaries. Clear and simple forms with calm colors are very simply combined creating an atmospheric calm, in accordance with the maxim of the paradox so beautifully quoted with – “less is more”.

Warm gray tones and resonant elements give the room a special touch of hospitality, thus adding atmospheric highlights and at the same time providing a harmonious scene for all your living spaces. This whole orchestra makes the magic without risking any possible distraction.

The “Brass” Trend – Brass, so popular in the 50’s and 60’s, is currently enjoying a new wave of popularity. Combined with other materials that create contrast between them, the shiny metallic shade, makes bronze bring a touch of luxury to living spaces without ever looking old fashioned.

Eglo has included the use of very high quality materials in its new lighting models, combining it with other different materials to create not only very eye-catching designs, but also modern models which can be versatile. in terms of approach, from urban to classic and minimalist.

Warm earth tones – the very popular trend “To return to nature and protect it” – has also arrived at Eglo, bringing its influence with a fundamental change in the field of design.

More and more people, in recent years, have started to become aware by returning to associations for the protection of nature. Precisely in this direction, Eglo has used materials as peaceful as possible with nature, warning us in this way about the colors included in these models. The dominant colors are brown and black. The color brown in all aspects that can be proposed, remains beautiful, it is typically paired with almost any other color, thanks to the different earth tones. This color also not only gives our living spaces a rare touch of nature, but also conveys a feeling of warmth and comfort. Combining this year’s most popular color trends with wood and bronze elements,

“Stars of Light” is what Eglo shines with!

The finest and most intriguing designs are those that display all the beauty of light reflection in models that amaze with their appearance.

Precious materials are combined to create perfect designs: shining, sparkling, elegant and delicate, always creating a perfect and harmonious style.

The cool and exciting features of industrial design this year again lean towards minimalism, elegant forms that suit a home in harmony with nature, while elegant crystals and quality textiles add multifaceted joy and grandeur.

The overall effect makes your environment exclusive by referring you to the everyday, and also guaranteeing an intact impression on every occasion that presents itself.


Vintage, the most popular and famous universal style of interior design has been furnishing the homes of our customers for years now, and continues to show a very attractive diversity in designing and at the same time reflecting the charm of the past decades. Eglo has found very special inspiration from the past in the design of its luminaires, allowing customers to add a little extra character and personality to their homes with a few lighting maneuvers.

Interior design trends are as rich and varied as life itself, so new trends are rediscovered and reinterpreted every year, again and again. At the same time, new trends and styles are discovered and created every day by the magical Eglo team combining and recombining different materials and designs. All this diversity is best reflected in the Eglo 2022 catalog. Eglo “Trend & Vintage” – which has become so popular recently, is now known as “Trend and Style” even though it represents shadows of the past.


It is somewhat certain that this year we will live under the taste of Eglo, with all the magic and excitement of the lights that it gives to our soul and with all the peace that the new designs will give to our eyes…

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Approaching nature… What is a forest?

A forest is a peaceful oasis, the green lungs of the world we live in, and an adventure playground for children of all ages!

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) – is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible forest management worldwide. FSC® sets standards for responsible forest management in accordance with established principles that are developed and supported by environmental, social and economic stakeholders. For more

information, please see .


This year Eglo is taking the next step, it is offering you the catalog available online,

including many additional information and features. In addition to search and filtering functions, the online catalog includes product photos, videos and additional information.

You can “take a look” at:


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